How To Order


The Process...


We invite you to search our website for any materials that you require. Upon choosing an item, click "Add To Cart" - this will populate your Shopping Cart (top right hand side of all pages).


When all required materials are chosen, click on the cart and choose "Checkout".


The Checkout Page has 7 required fields

  1. Billing and Shipping information
    1. If this is a School order, please add the School's name and address as the billing option
  2. Leave a Comment
    1. Please leave us a comment if you have any requirements for your order
  3. Shipping Method
    1. Please choose between Delivery or Collection in Store
  4. If you have a valid "Web-Coupon" or "Discount-Code", enter it here
    1. Keep an eye on our social media for information regarding discounts available...
  5. T's & C's
    1. Please read through our Terms & Conditions and click the "I Aree" tab - if you do indeed agree...
    2. We do collect some data - but only what is relevant to your order. Example, your name, delivery address etc...
  6. Overvue of your items chosen, and the full value of your order
    1. Any Coupons or Discount-Codes will have their value visibly deducted here
  7. Send Order
    1. Click the Send Order button to have your order sent into our warehouse based in Dublin 11.


As we deal with schools directly - you will not be asked to make payment upon checkout of your order.


Therefore, your order will be received by us, sent to the warehouse for processing, and once completed, the order will return to the office for invoicing, at which point a member of staff will contact you to organise the delivery, and if applicable, the payment for your order.

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